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Finance Updates and Info


Dear Old Bridge Church Family,

Grace and Peace, brothers and sisters transformed by the Love of Christ!

The NLI Vision Funding Team is humbled and honored to bring a mid-year update on our goals:

  • Retiring Debt Team is prayerfully considering options for the re-finance and eventual retiring of about our approximately $1.9 million mortgage.
  • Meeting the Budget Baseline numbers for past 5 years and continued review/analysis of the Budget Process. In-house audit/review of budget controls and expenditures ongoing.
  • Planning Annual and Capital Campaigns 2018 Giving Campaign planned for November 2018, Thankfulness theme.

Projects continue in our worship space, kitchen, Welcome Center. New AC units are now installed, as well as ongoing maintenance and improvements in classrooms and bathrooms. We welcomed a new Director at the Preschool and a new assistant director of Family and Children’s Ministries. $9,671 given to missions to date such as RISE Against Hunger, Tent mission, Guatemala Trip, and over $40,000 shared in District and Conference Apportionments supporting local, regional, and global mission and ministry initiatives.

Thank you for your ongoing generous support. Please, continue to give prayerfully, joyfully, proportionally-- Not to fund a budget, but as an aspect of Discipleship and Worship. We dare, not to ask, but to call each other to action, in support of OBUMC’s vision of a community transformed by the love of Christ.

It takes about $57,000 per month to run OBUMC. Donations are running behind that need at the end of May with a $32,000 shortfall. Heading into the Summer months, to close our income gap and fully fund ongoing mission and ministry efforts, I have three things to ask of each of you:

As forgiven stewards of God’s gifts and grace, will you GIVE:

  1. Proportionally (Pray for God’s leading on percent of your income you give.)

  2. Electronically (Regularly scheduled tithes and offerings will get here even when you don’t.)

  3. Radically (Will your employer match gifts to non-profits? Will you ask?)

We will continue onward in pursuit of achieving goals listed above as stewards of HIS church, HIS grace, and your generous gifts in HIS name. Thank you, Church, for what you have done, what you are doing, and what you WILL do.

In Christ’s Name and In His Service,

Catie Wolf Murphy, NLI Finance Team Facilitator

Team members: Bill Spangler, Ken Wilson, Ed Kestel, Paul Breedholt, Mike McDaniel, Mike Peranio