Current Series

Stewardship Series: "Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

This fall, Old Bridge Church invites disciples to an opportunity to recall our vows at the time of our baptism. United Methodists say "Yes" to our covenant of Prayer, Presence, Gift, Service, and Witness. With the stories in the Bible that are related to water, we will remember these vows and renew them, as we slowly yet certainly prepare for our life in 2024. Join us, and let us remember what it means to be a disciple. You'll love this refreshing conversation.

September 24 - "Noah's Prayer"

Noah’s adventure is a well-known story. We sometimes take it for granted that Noah obeyed God’s command, but it was actually a tough call. For 7 days, he waited. For 40 days, he floated. His trust sets an example of what prayer means.

October 1 - "Presence Matters"

Holy Communion will be shared during the service

Water has always been there. God was hovering above it, and humans also live with it. We often forget that presence is important, because presence is always present. But the truth is, we need what we are. “We are thirsty for what we are made of.”

October 8 - "Service and Miracle"

A representative from our Guatemalan mission group will visit and share their story

The sign in Cana’s wedding was Jesus’ first. In this story, one of the most powerful things is what the servants did. To them, filling the water jar was an extra work, totally out of contract. But they didn't stop their work at a 'good' or 'fine enough' amount. They service fully and faithfully.

October 15 - “Baptism, Witness, Remember”

Laity Sunday: A reaffirmation of baptism will be celebrated

Jesus’ baptism seems to be an unnecessary addition to the story of the Gospels. Why did he need to be? Apparently, it was to give us a foundational practice that stands as a witness to the core of Christian faith and act. We are to follow his example.

October 22 - “Gift Is a Gift”

Update on Estimate of Giving and Living Water project will be shared

We think what we give to God is what we give to God. But does God really need what we give? In the Bible, God invites God’s people to participate in wondrous works. Like Moses and the Israelites in front of the Red Sea.