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Lent is a Christian season of 40 days before Easter, not counting Sundays, starting on Ash Wednesday thru Holy Saturday. During this season, disciples are invited to a holy observance of their hearts and practices with a little more intentionality.

During this Lent, Old Bridge offers a worship series in order to explore Jesus’ final seven days before the resurrection. Every day was a meaningful and powerful moment, and so is it for our journey. Join us in our 10 am worship on Sundays, as we immerse our Lent in God’s love story.

Wednesday, February 14 (Ash Wednesday) - "Chronos and Kairos"

Ash Wednesday Service starts at 7 pm

Imposition of Ashes offered during worship

There are two concepts of time in Greek. Chronos is the flow of time and Kairos means the moment when something special happens. Christians normally see Kairos superior to Chronos, as one implies God’s time as opposed to human understanding of time for the other. In fact, both are important. And Lent is when Chronos becomes Kairos.

February 18 - “Palm Sunday”

Jesus was likely not the only person who proceeded into the city of Jerusalem on the very first Palm Sunday in the first century. Frequently, if not always, life is about choices. At which gate do we choose to stand today?

February 25 - “Monday”

It is meaningful that the first destination of Jesus in Jerusalem was the Temple. Jesus might have remembered the space most dearly as his childhood experience reflected. But the Temple was full of “un-Temple” things. Can this be a mirror to our church, too? Certainly.

March 3 - “Tuesday”

Family Worship: Kids are invited to worship with family

Holy Communion will be shared during the service

On Tuesday, Jesus revealed the greatest teachings of the Bible—Love God; Love neighbors. Christians call them the Greatest Commandments. Commandments premise actions to follow. Love is a verb.

March 10, 2024 - “Wednesday”

Judas is the worst character in the Bible. Even Jesus said that, for him, it would be greater to not be born. What made him so? Perhaps his greatest mistake on Wednesday was that he pursued evil just too hard.

March 17, 2024 - “Maundy Thursday”

Holy Communion will be shared during the service

The Last Supper was what regular Jews would be doing in Jesus’ time. Bread and wine—they were elements of Passover Seder. Now, this ordinary meal is shared in extraordinary remembrance of Jesus.

March 24, 2024 - “Good Friday”

Palm Sunday Procession at the beginning of worship

What we call ‘good’ for this Friday is nothing good. This day is nothing but blood, brutality, humiliation, and cruelty. Still, it is a ‘good’ Friday. Sometimes, ‘good’ is found in the soil of awfulness.

Friday, March 29 (Good Friday) - “Holy Saturday”

Good Friday Tenebrae Service at 7 pm

Holy Saturday at a glance seems to be an unnecessary addition to the Holy Week. What is this one day of silence for? In fact, because of the necessity for that silence. Holy waiting. That’s where life happens.