We believe that enganging in community is truely at the heart of belonging, connecting, finding purpose in this life, and in growing faith and relationship with God. Connect with small groups and find support and fellowship!

The Islanders

The Islanders Sunday School developed from a bunch of people who just started chatting around the kitchen island in the church. It has since grown into a diverse group of folks that share and grow through study of the bible.

Leader: Dave and Lisa Andrusko 

Current Book: “Jesus’ Final Week” (Cindy Bunch’s book)

Sundays 9:00AM, Room 112


Truthseekers Sunday School group seeks for the truth. Literally. Their conversations around thematic curriculums are engaging, relevant, and, of course, truthful.

Leader: Jim Relyea

Current Book: "Nehemiah - The Courage to Face Opposition"

(Don A. Fields)

Sundays 8:15 AM, Room 105

The Upper Room

The Upper Room Adult Sunday School focuses on the very Methodist question, "How is it with your soul?" They gather for mutual encouragement, study of scripture, and share spiritual practices that help nurture engaging God in daily life.

Leader: Andrea Jones

Current Book: "Disciples"

Sundays 9:00 AM, Room 115


Gleaners Adult Sunday School is Actively discussing various books of the Bible both historically and applied in our lives. They support each other faithfully with prayers, fellowship, and friendship. 

Leader: Monty Bilkert 

Current Curriculum: 1st Samuel

Sundays 9:00 AM, Room 116

Next Steps

Looking for something... more? More engagement, more discussion, more depth and searching. Join us for the Next Steps Bible Study Thursdays at 11 am. Pastor Ron guides the group to a lively discussion.

Women's Bible Study

Ditch the guys and join us for Ladies Night. Looking for a group to catch up, pray, and live out a life of faith?  Join us on Monday nights for uplifting study and conversation. Contact Kathy for more!


Choir sings. But that's not it. They grow, they share lives, and they care about each other. You may join this delightful group of people. Our Choir Director Matt welcomes all who loves to sing the prasises of God!


United Women in Faith (UWF) is a group of women who love to learn, grow, and act in their faith. Want to join their monthly meeting? Wendy McDonald is the chair of UWF. Contact her for more info.


Everyone needs a place to belong. Even more so for the youth. In a world like this, make them a group where they can safely be who they are. Group meets on Sundays at 5 pm. Erin can share more details.