Current Series

Series - Mission Possible

Coming this September Old Bridge Church is exploring our vision and mission. Our vision is that we continually strive to be a "Community transformed by the love of Christ." In order to accomplish our vision, we are committed to "Serve," "Love," "Invite," and "Build." In September, all are invited to our worship as we proclaim our identity through those four guiding verbs. As a church, we have a mission. And it is a "Mission Possible."

September 11 - "Serving Christ"
Back to Church Sunday 2022
Ministry Fair is offered until September 25

The first guiding verb of our mission statement is to “serve.” Not just “be friended” or “enjoy fellowship with.” We “serve.” And we serve “Christ.” The Bible says what we do to the least among us is what we do to Christ. We serve them through our mission projects in the community and the world.

September 18 - “Loving Neighbors”
Loving neighbors is a tricky thing. Sometimes it is harder to love our neighbors than loving strangers. Still, that’s what we are committed to do as a church. Throughout caring and prayer ministries, Old Bridge cares for one another, as Jesus did for us.

September 25 - “Inviting People”
Old Bridge’s outreach ministries are set to invite people. We acknowledge that “inviting” is a far more proactive act of love than simply welcoming those who come. Our mission is to strive to help everyone “Come and see.”

October 2 - “Building Community”
Holy Communion will be shared during the worship
Small Group Fair is offered after the service

Church is not a building. It is not a Sunday business. The mission of Old Bridge Church does not end in the sanctuary. It rather starts as we exit the building, since we are to build community wherever we go.