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Epiphany 2023

The story of the Magi is interesting. They are very well known, probably almost everyone knows their stories, but we rarely know about who they were. Old Bridge invites all to an opportunity to learn about them and meditate on their stories. Come and join us, as we follow the star with these meaningful strangers!

January 1 - “Twinkle, Twinkle”

Family Worship: Holy Communion will be celebrated

We don't have that many clues about the Magi. A small part of Matthew can only tell us about what they did, even briefly, and that's all we know about them. Nevertheless, such a small piece of the story is powerful enough to inspire us in the New Year season.

January 8 - “A Scandal of Faith”

Family Worship: Holy Communion will be celebrated

Were the Magi really “Wise” Men? We do not know a lot about them, but one thing we know is that what they did was not necessarily a beautiful thing all the time. As much as their faith journey can, the story of their mistake can also provide us with a great lesson.

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Disciples learn from everything. Good stories or the ones that are bad, the stories of the Bible or from the newspaper. The stories of people's favorite places or services cannot be an exception. What do their stories teach us about church and our faith? Join us in this 5-week conversation to learn and grow from the stories of the places we love!